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“Handcrafted with love, from the hands of Indian Craftmanship”

Welcome to the captivating world of ‘Vasundhara Design House’ an exhilarating luxury Brand that celebrates Indian craftmanship and hand crafts through its classy and chic couture collections. Every design is 100% intricately handcrafted reviving India’s precious crafts and artisan techniques to create glorious rich Indian aesthetics. Our clothing line is all about giving classic Indian silhouettes with fusion of an urban modern eccentric cuts using contemporary fabrics and offbeat embellishments that maintains a balance between elegance and ritzy, brings you the best of your ensembles. We value the origins of our designs, and are dedicated to ensure that the skills and mastery of Indian craftsmen, live through our products.


‘Vasundhara Design House’ acts as an e-commerce business and a Flagship store located at Jubliee hills, Hyderabad catering to women and men. The brand also intends to open brick-and-mortar stores across various locations in India. At Vasundhara Design House, we want our consumers to relate to the brand and be happy wearing our clothes. Making timeless pieces for treasure forever is our utmost priority. Our clothes are 100% handmade, locally in various parts of India, with high quality craftsmanship. Our goal is to ensure that we delight our customers with our products and services, and always make them feel that they are getting great value for their money. 


The Indigenous Artesania collection is a spring summer/24 Bridal wear collection inspired by the folk costumes, accessories and lifestyle of tribal and ethnic communities across the globe. Indigenous artesania is derived from Spanish words where Artesania- arte means craftmanship-handcrafted (skilled work done by hands) and Inigenous means originating.


The collection has a wide range of Indian motifs derived from tribal arts of different communities like warli paintings-Maharastra, Mandala art- Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat, Saura art-Odisha, Patachitra-Odisha, Bhil art -Central India, Khovar art-Jharkand, Kalamkari-Andhara Pradesh, Shisha-Gujarat etc. Apricot being the color of the year 2024 according to fashion forecast, the color plays a major role in our entire collection. As the Bright colors are very soul of India, keeping the psychological impact of colors in mind the entire collection is of bright Indian Hues.  

Resort Collection- AURORA TWILIGHT

Indulge in the allure of Aurora Twilight ss/24, the collection that encapsulates the essence of nature’s beauty. Immerse yourself in the world of tribal and folk-inspired designs, adorned with intricate prints like kaleidoscope block patterns. Our organic clothing collection pays homage to the sunrise, sunset, and the captivating shades of the sky. From casual chic to glamorous party wear, the garments radiate elegance, enhanced by the shimmering allure of sequins and beads. Step into a realm where fashion meets the ethereal charm of the night.


A captivating Ajrakh Print Collection, where tradition meets contemporary fashion in a vibrant fusion of color and culture. Inspired by the rich heritage of Ajrakh, a traditional Indian block printing technique renowned for its intricate geometric patterns and natural dyes, highlighted with mirrors, beeds and sequins, our collection pays homage to centuries-old craftsmanship while embracing modern design sensibilities.

Vasundhara Design House in a collaboration with Tyaani Jewellery:

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